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I have always had a love for vintage trailers. I'm not sure if it's because I'm now old enough to have a trailer made in my year be considered "vintage", or that the idea of a self-contained unit of transportation can hold so much potential for a life on the road. I

If you want to see more of my vintage trailer work, please visit Wanderlust Vintage Trailers.

I searched high and low for this Airstream, scouring all different ads for about five years. I finally found her on a vacation trip to Montana! I drove past it on the highway, made a u-turn, knocked on a stranger's door, and begged them to sell it to me. I brought this baby back to beautiful, sunny, Southern California. I began the selective and slow process of restoring this trailer since most of it was in original condition. My plan was to use it as my personal design space, a quiet haven from our two loud boys inside the house. I updated the electrical, replaced two missing windows, and scrubbed down the entire place with a toothbrush and a shop vac. It is amazing how a place can really shine with a little bit of elbow grease. I had the fold-out table replaced since it had bad water damage. I found a vendor in the valley who was able to replicate the color and style of the wood, along with reusing the original hinges. You would never be able to tell that this was not the original table! I removed the green carpet and replaced it with a "wood" vinyl flooring to make it easy to clean but still keep the weight down. I replaced the cushions which were undoubtedly from the 60's and reupholstered them with some nice, neutral grey Sunbrella fabric. I decided to stick to a neutral palette so I could quickly change the "look" of the interior if I ever got tired of anything. The wood cabinets were in great condition so I just cleaned them up and rubbed a protective oil on them.