my story

I love people and I love design. 

My design portfolio may seem like a random collection of projects, from vintage trailers to restaurants, but they all have one theme in common - design that is functional yet beautiful.

My design career started in advertising and the entertainment industry. Our award-winning designs were used by some of Hollywood's top actors including Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. And while this was a fulfilling job, I kept thinking that there had to be more to design than just making things look pretty. 

In 2008, I co-founded Raven +  Lily a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. Starting Raven +  Lily is how I fully realized the power of DESIGN and its ability to transform lives in a substantial and meaningful way. I no longer view design as a superfluous, privileged, first world problem, but rather something that is so critical to life that it actually has the power to transform a human being. I am thankful to have traveled the world - from Cambodia to Ethiopia, getting a first-hand view of the transformational power of design when it tells a story. When you hear about a woman who is infected with HIV, and is making a better living for her and her family through selling well-made garments, design suddenly doesn't seem so insignificant!

One of the other basic necessities that we all need is HOUSING. This is where my love of architecture and real estate come in. I have been a constant fixer upper since I bought my very first home in 2002. I have since gone on to remodel numerous homes and set-up homes for short-term rentals like VRBO and AirBnB. This part of my job has been very creative and rewarding because what can be more personal than the place we call "home"? ​

If you are interested in collaborating on a project, please email me at designsilverlake (at) gmail (dot) com