Pine & Crane has become a favorite local establishment in the Silver Lake area, just off Sunset Blvd. What was once two stores, Vivian Ku, the owner, decided to combine into one larger restaurant space. By the time I was brought onto this project, many of the layout elements were already chosen but Vivian wanted help with the overall look and feel of the place. We worked on narrowing down the color and material palette to create a space that felt somewhat clean and modern, but with a younger vibe that fit the young entrepreneur. We decided on natural colored pine, raw cement, pops of white, and splashes of black and gold. The budget was super tight so we had to be creative in our material selection. By using creative elements of repetition and symmetry, we were able to give a higher-end feel using utilitarian elements. I'm really proud of how this space came out despite our limitations. But if you ever have a chance to go to Pine & Crane, you will quickly realize that it's not about the design anyway because her food will BLOW.YOUR.MIND.