This mountain condo located is located in Mammoth Lakes, California. It was built in 1981 and had orange shag carpet throughout the entire house, even in the kitchen and bathrooms! This remodel had a few unique challenges, from the mountain location, the tight budget, a new crew, and working within Condo approved hours. It was important to stay on a tight budget since the comps in the building needed to justify the total value of the unit, especially as a rental home. I would consider this a partial remodel since we only changed out all the lighting, plumbing fixtures, and flooring while keeping all of the walls and existing wood cabinets. It was a study of combining the old with the new and how to make that work while being true to the overall building style. I decided on a simple, yet refined approach to the design choices with furniture that would be able to handle the wear-and-tear of a rental property. The end result is a comfortable, relaxing, and surprisingly bright ski cabin that will comfort you after a long day on the slopes. To book this condo, click here.